Get More Copy That Drives Sales

 (No Handholding or Babysitting Required)

When did working with copy contractors turn into handholding? Didn’t you give that up when your last kid graduated from kindergarten? 

Copy comes back: timid, off-briefing, lazy. With grammar, spelling, and house style to snigger at (if you weren’t already crying inside).

Wouldn’t it be nice to give a contractor an assignment—web page, banner ad, blog post, email, video script, (insert your copy project here)—and have her run with it?

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How In-Depth Strategy Turns into Impactful Solutions

Each company has its own unique voice, needs and objectives. Here’s how a few projects have come together.

Be a Hero to Your Stakeholders

When you’re considering who to hire it’s your reputation on the line. Not to mention your company’s money. Here’s why choosing is low-risk and high-reward. Helping you to impress your stakeholders. 

“Leslie was instrumental in helping us develop shorter, more customer-focused deliverables. We are now producing sharper brochures that speak more directly to the needs of our customers.”

Marisa Lucena Arroyo, Compaq Computers EMEA

A Few of My Clients

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