Unlock Your Customers’ Sales Triggers

Hi, I’m Leslie

Active listening is my superpower. 

That’s great news for you and your customers. Because copy that drives sales starts with someone listening—and asking insightful follow-up questions. 

Give me some time with a product manager, engineer, or sales rep, and I’ll figure out why they think someone should buy your product or service. But I’ll go deeper to find out why a spec, feature or benefit truly matters to customers. And produce copy that ignites customer interest all along the sales funnel. 

I Work Harder So You Don’t Have To

That has everything to do with you.  Overworked, scattered, pulled-in-too-many-directions, you. My briefing skills mean you won’t have to spend time walking me through every single project detail. Just tell me what you want to achieve (brand awareness, increasing interest, overcoming objections, closing a sale), and I’ll take it from there. I’m a big-picture thinker too, so every project is sure to fit seamlessly into your overall communications strategy. My 25+ years of experience writing kick-ass copy means you won’t have to do a lot of finessing on the back end either.

(A day in the life of MarCom Manager)

Check out my portfolio for the kinds of projects I’ve done. And let’s talk about how I can help your next communications project improve your bottom line. 

Bring Me Your Tech Nerds (a Few More Things About Me)

Don’t Fear My Sassy Voice

My writing voice is strong, distinctive, and deliberate, something a writing voice should be. This is the voice I’ve selected to attract the customers I want. Busy people who need to extend their writing team but enjoy seeing things from a new, slightly skewed, not-overly-serious perspective. 

The voice I write in for your customers is your voice, the voice that you’ve chosen to (we all hope) attract the people you seek to serve.  If that’s the same as my voicee, great. If it’s not, also great. I’ve got the skill to write copy the way you want it.

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